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    Any one have thoughts on the M600 as a viable Treo alternative? After seeing the pics at PDA 24/7 (, I had the thought that Sony could have easily crushed Palm if they would have kept the PalmOS (Garnet or not) and used it for their Sony Ericsson line of smartphones.
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    I don't know if I like the keyboard.
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    I am seriously going to give it a try... I love the form factor and touch screen. I don't need wifi and camera. I hope the interface is as good as POS. I heard that IQU 3.0 is very good.
    Need WIFI, 3.5G, slim and light form factor for Treo to win me back from Samsung i600 !!!!!
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    I am SO tempted to get this phone as it does what I need and is the right size. The only thing that's stopping me is the lack of connectivity to my Mac. If those kinks were worked out, the size, shape, features and design seem perfect.
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    I AM going to make a decision by tomorrow on this (m600j) or Nokia's E-61!...... I basically want a bigger screen (have 700p) and advanced internet functioning.
    I'm a newb....btw.... some really like Sony's system better than Nokia...however Nokia's 61 has wifi and, supposedly easier typing even though there's no touchscreen....ugh!..
    Both great devices though!
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    I keep hearing a little of both ways between teh E61 and M600. The winner usually being the E61 because of the polish of the entire package and that the M600 really needs better one-handed usability. But as some comp to the Treo, both seem quite well.

    I personally want to just see/hands-on with an M600 and E61 (not the basterized E62 Cingular is soon doing) to see for myself. Upgrading is always an itch, but I do wonder if either really do stack up well to the Treo.
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    And what do ya know, found a site exploring this right now:
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