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    But seriously, folks. Who would spend a grand on a PHONE? Something you're likely to drop and kill at any given moment?

    Of course, someone out there is looking at me with my unlocked Treo 650 and asking why I would spend $600 on a phone. Well, that's DIFFERENT. Leave me alone.
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    Yeah, $600 is my limit. And for that it must be factory unlocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers

    But seriously, folks. Who would spend a grand on a PHONE? \
    The same person who spent $4500 on a sidekick.
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    Or maybe the people who pay $1200 for the iMate JasJar?
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    you guys actually paid over $600 for your treo's? geez, i thought i was paying too much with 320. but thats gone now.. MDA nowadays.
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    TyTN = UgLY
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    its goin for like $849 on one site pre order and like $749 on another, but out of stock til aug 1. i dont even have 3g in my area, and i dont have that kind of money, so im not sweating it, just gonna hug my 8125.
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    I would be all over it if I had 3G for Cingular. q(-_-)p Makes me very emo that we don't. I hear it won't be available until 2007, by then the TyTN will be weak sauce. The HTC Startrek on the other hand is quite nice.

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