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    Regarding lack of a touch screen, yes, I agree that you might be able to get away without using it, but don't BS me that you're happy about it because now you don't lose styli !

    C'mon, who here can honestly say they've lost styli in large numbers? Sure we all drop one here and there, but its just part of the expense of owning a device with a touch screen. And it's not as if the stylus is the ONLY thing that will operate the touchscreen. I find a fingernail or the back end of a biro works perfectly well most of the time.
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    As far as I'm concerned, the whole point of the 650 is that you don't need the touch screen, but it's there if you do (eg if it's simply quicker than the navigation keys or the navigation key is too fiddly).

    I literally can't remember the last time I took my stylus out (as I type, I just had a quick look to see if it's still there - yes, it is) and I certainly don't want to go back to looking like some kind of obsessed nerd, which was a bit how it was with my Palm V. Though I do occasionally give a quick tap on the screen with my finger nail, just to save scrolling up in the calender, for example.

    My next smartphone must be qwerty, one-handable and either a touchscreen or (much preferred) such good key navigation that you don't need a touchscreen.
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