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    I mainly use my Treo 700P for:

    -Creating,editing & deleting tasks

    -Creating & editing appointments

    -Setting alarms w/ Butler

    -Creating, editing & deleting memos

    -MP3 Player (q can do this)

    -Calculator (I assume the q can do this)

    -Occasional web browsing (q can do this)

    -Tethering to my laptop when necessary (possible with pdanet?)

    -Quick snap shots of my dogs (q can do this)

    -Text messaging (q can do this)

    So while I'm not into heavy pda usage, I do frequently use it's basic features (though rarely view email on my treo and never view/edit office documents).

    Is the Q capable of all of the items in my list with atleast 3rd party software?
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    It can do everything on your list except some of the functions Butler performs. You need to be more specific there - do you really use them all?.
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    -Creating,editing & deleting tasks
    Yes, but a very rudimentary version is included. I just reviewed Power Tasks for the Q and it's a much needed upgrade for anyone who uses Tasks regularly.

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    The Q will do these for you well. You can purchase more advanced Task and Calendar apps (just as you can for the 700) if the built in ones don't have enough. The camera is very goos for a phone and has a "flash" of sorts. More and more software will become available as WM 5 gets on more phones. Good luck!
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    -Tethering to my laptop when necessary (possible with pdanet?)
    -Calculator (I assume the q can do this)
    Sorry, I noticed you had a few other questions.

    Yes, PDAnet supports the Q - although many have enabled (myself included) tethering on the Moto Q for free.

    It does have a calculator app. Very simple,but will do the job.

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