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    Symbian Limited has just announced a new version of its very widely used operating system for smartphones.

    The most significant new features in Symbian OS 9.3 are native support for Wi-Fi wireless networking and USB 2.0 on-the-go.

    It also offers shorter start-up times for phones and key applications as well as improved memory management, resulting in more responsive devices.

    For the most part, though, Symbian OS 9.3 is an incremental upgrade to the previous version with no major improvements.

    It is fully backward compatible with previous versions in the v9 family. Licensees of this operating system already have phones based on Symbian OS v9.3 in development, with product launches anticipated in 2007.

    More about Symbian OS 9.3 is available on its the Symbian Limited web site.

    More About the Symbian OS

    The Symbian OS is at the heart of the majority of smartphones shipped worldwide. However, it's quite possible that a great many of the people who are using this operating system are unaware that they are doing so.

    This is because the Symbian OS provides the "backend" a smartphone needs, but does not include a user interface. Licensees of this operating system must come up with that on their own.

    Still, if companies choose, they can license a pre-made UI. That's what Nokia's S60 and S90 are, and Symbian Limited makes one too, called UIQ.
    OK Palm, there's another nudge, your turn !
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    Just out of curiosity, how many devices outside of the one's manufactured by Nokia use any version of the Symbian OS? I'm not saying it's a bad OS, it worked extremely well on the Nokia 9210i, I just haven't seen it used too often.

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    There are 5-6 Symbian licensees, and they also own the OS together. Nokia sells 80% of the Symbian devices, but Sony Ericsson is quite active in the area, and recent smartphones with Symbian by Mitsubishi sold in the high hundreds of 1000's to millions in Japan. Symbian's owns >50-60% of the smartphone market. They are now where Palm used to be in the handheld space, and still growing strong. Thats why it makes me laugh when people talk about Microsoft needing competition. MS only has 12% of the market of smartphones last we saw. They are dwarfed by Symbian/Nokia, who make very advanced devices.

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    Unfortunately, symbian devices(smartphones) are not as popular in US, but are big in europe & japan. Nokia never made any serious efforts to push them untill recently with opening a few showrooms.
    People make their own conclusions just based on this side of the world.
    The 3rd party software's are catching up a little slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    ...... People make their own conclusions just based on this side of the world.
    I cannot but agree with you more on that. Unfortunately, it's true in almost all aspect of lives, be it politic, economy, social, psychology & philosophy, including our beloved PDA phone. The Palm PDA was the best in the world, until they realize there's another side to this world ie. Nokia E61. Hey, in baseball competition - it is called World Series when ONLY one side of the world is competing, no wonder they are the champion of the world. I wonder whether they will change World Cup Football Championship to TWO Worlds Cup...


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