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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    I have had absolutely no trouble with keyboard .
    It is easily pocketable in my scrubs and any other pants am not sure how samll your pockets . It is thinner and way lighter than Treo. No antena sticking out , so is less annoying to my pocket . The os is slightly slow but not a huge noticebale difference. .
    Off course no touch screen.
    But it is a stable device wihout any resets , wif and great screen and an awesome stereo . My year old 650 is still resting in corner . The only time, i am coming back to Treo is with the 800 series .
    I know chattermai and agnedus is something E61 desperately needs. Hopefully iambic would listen to symbian folks .
    Those two softwares will make E61 a killer machine .
    Obsolutely agree with you that E61 has better form factor than T650, specially the thickness and the antenna. But if i were to cross to symbian, i would go to SE M600i with better form factor (yes lack wifi but I don't need it), better os in IQU 3.0 (at least that's what my personnal research has shown.), and touch screen. I have heard also that SE M600i also has very good multi-media but this is not a surprise (Sony!!!). I guess I had used to T650 keypads (I like the tear shape and tacile.) The E61 surface is too flat for me and too hard (personnal preference).
    Need WIFI, 3.5G, slim and light form factor for Treo to win me back from Samsung i600 !!!!!
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    A few more questions for E61 owners:

    1.) Is there a way to display your phone number? I know what my phone number is but I can't find any way to do this on the E61. I can't find anything in the users guide either.

    2.) Is there any way to set font size in the email message list and the email messages? I'd like to make the font a little smaller. Also it seems like email can display pure text only. Is that true? HTML formatted messages seem to show up as text with an HTML attachment.

    3.) Is there any alarm program that can play MP3 files? I know you can have an MP3 as a ringtone, and I found an alarm manager program that worked but it would only play a series of beeps.

    4.) Anyone tried SplashPhoto? I've tried it but it seems like thumbnail views only use the old small S60 screen size and even it you change the setting to keep the backlight on, it still goes off on the normal setting time. The program is usable but just barely as is.

    I've been trying Opera Mobile on the E61 and this is what a handheld browser should be! I really like the built-in web browser also (the graphical history is the coolest part) but the it requires too much scrolling around. Opera seems to strike a reasonable balance in it's formatting. If I keep using the E61, Opera will be the first thing I buy for it!
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    1) Sorry don't know. I never have a need to figure out my own number.

    2) No. Can't change font size AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $And$ $no$ $HTML$ $email$ $either$.

    3) Try Alarm Manager.

    4) Sorry, haven't tried it myself.
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