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    Does anyone have any imput on using this device as a phone--either VOiP or otherwise if available. I know it has the option to run on Cingular's EDGE network--but what does that entail really? And, can I do anything with this device on a T-Mobile plan?
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    I could be wrong, but the Cingular edge plan pertains to data. I'd say voip would be your best bet at any type of voice solution.
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    Yep, voip is your only method of using it as a cell. And its not really the same is it. It looks like a great device the keyboard just looks so un-usable

    I dont think you could even pair it with your mobile and use it that way (and have a cheap mobile in a bag or sumthing) Actually i'm 99.9% you cant.
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    I used to have a UX50, I felt like it had the best keyboard i've ever used! i really wish sony would have come out with a CLIE phone. They really have a lot of innovation in their products. Too bad they dumped palm. =(
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    If you look on mobilitytoday, it shows that the site admin has figured out a way to unlock the sony, which is cool!
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    I had a UX50 for a week and a half, converted it from Japanese to US language. It works neatly with VOIP using a Tekelek client (on Cisco SCCP protocol) i didn't try Vonage· but no reason it couldn't work that way) It also browsed the web just fine with a TMobile SDA on the Edge network; connected with a USB cable. Edge is really too slow to do VOIP. There is a CF slot on the UX50 (vs a built in Edge GSM modem on the 180p) so a GSM CF phone might work if there is one.

    It's a neat laptop, but the keys are not great and hard to type on vs. A Treo or E61.
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