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    I finally left the 650, and now I have the E70.

    Here are my brief experiences with it:

    Stable OS
    2 meg pixel camera
    Excellent Browser
    Much ligher
    Sharp Screen

    No more one hand typing
    Smaller screen and no touch screen
    No A2dp

    I highly recommend it.
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    Well if they made a ton of software and hardware invenstemts over the last one, this may work. I had a buddy that had the older one...ummm E60???

    Blew ***. He returned within a couple weeks. Lets hope this is different.

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    Well, I don't get it. It came with pretty much all the softwares (Office, music player, realplayer, email client, a much better browser, and even 1 year free subscription of real-time weather update and forecast) most people need. And I can get a free IM that can connects to MSN, Yhoo...etc (Agile). THe softwares running on this also run on E60.

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