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    There are some rumors from a pretty reliable source "Chris Price" that Sprint will be releasing the Samsung 500 which may be the replacement for the never released i500. For those that don't remember it was that flip smartphone. Possibly with a swivel screen.
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    Sprint released the i500. It had a low-res screen PalmOS 4.0 and no SD slot. Do you have a link?
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    I remember the i500, I wished I had gotten that instead of the Treo 300

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    There are no direct links just chatter among some reliable sources that say a Samsung flip smartphone is on the way. I would give it more time before any further info surfaces. I for one would love a flip smartphone. It would solve the size issue with these brick smartphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deltaflyer

    I am pretty sure that is not the phone we are talking about. The old i500 was a PalmOS flip phone. I hear raves about its form factor still and cannot understand why it was never updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deltaflyer

    LOL I actually have one of those sitting in my drawer. That was a great little phone, I must of dropped it a thousand times and it still works.

    No what were talking about is a updated version of the i500 which was a flip smartphone.
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    Yes I had one of those, it had more of a square shape than the a500, great phone went from that to a t600
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    I wish Palm (or HTC I guess) had used that form factor. At times I feel like I want to throw away my brick of a phone and use the i500. Then I look at the screen of my 650 and decide against it. I realllllly hope Samsung will update that device, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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    That model was approved by the FCC in 04 and then cancelled
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    That just goes to show how antiquated the POS is. A 2 year old model is still seen as a desireable replacement for EXISTING POS phones!
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