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    in my continuing effort to be as different as possible I must ask:

    is there a "volumecare" app for WM5? I never needed it for the Treo, but oddly enough I can't hear very well on my 8125. if something like this exists it would be helpful
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    There might be a reg hack that will help you out. Take a look at the Reg Hack thread in the 700w forum and look at 8125 forum to see if there one specific to your phone.

    Also check out this thread:

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    Have u considered getting it replaced? It may be defective since most people have reported excellent volume and sound in general (including myself).
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    I'm already on my 4th unit! Each one has had different problems. I was ready to swap it out for my 5th, but I found out that the problem with this one is a bug in the 2.25 ROM. (I'm getting dropped calls .. but it turns out that the problem is that if an application tries to make a data connection during your voice call it knocks down your voice call.) So ... the short term fix for THAT is to end all of my data applications prior to making a voice call. (Which means keep them shut down all the time as you never know when an inbound call will arrive.) <sigh>

    I'm reluctant to send back another unit. (Too many swap outs!) Right now I can hear everyone fine. (Better than my Treo in fact!) But, people have a hard time hearing me. If I talk any louder I risk being obnoxious. I've tried wired and wireless headphones and even just the handset. I get better results if I position the phone so I'm talking directly into the mic on the bottom, but then I have to put it back on my ear to hear the response. Kinda stupid really.

    So I'm looking for something to boost the mic volume. (Does that make sense?)
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    Also: Treo 750 (Test phone) / Sony Ericcson w900 (unlocked for international travel)

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