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    My wife has Cingular service and is eligible for a free phone upgrade although her contract won't end for another few months.

    I have a Sprint Treo 650. My wife would like GPS functionality like I have with my Treo plus the Telenav service, but doesn't want to carry a large device like the Treo.

    One possibility is to get her an Audiovox SMT 5600 and a corresponding package from Telenav for $239:

    This is a bit pricey, and furthermore involves purchasing a second Telenav Bluetooth GPS device; we already own one, and this seems quite sufficient.

    Are there other less expensive small-phone-based GPS solutions for either Cingular or Sprint users?
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    The WM Smartphones like the 5600/Cingular 2125 are the smallest device I'm aware of that can do full GPS navigation. They'll work with any Bluetooth GPS, which you can get online for as little as $60, and something like the Mapopolis navigation software.
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    I have a T-Mobile SDA that I converted to an Imate SP5m and unlocked. It works well as a phone, uses a bluetooth GPS for Navigation and runs the latest Windows Mobile 5 OS. The Cingular version is not as good a phone, I'd get the SDA, follow the directions on to unlock and flash it and use it with Cingular's service.

    Of course there is no substitute for a Garmin dedicated GPS. Garmin is releasing a bluetooth unit that will come with maps for Windows Mobile V smartphone.
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    Thanks ... it looks as though we now need to switch my wife to Sprint, though.

    Here are the desired characteristics:
    * small, light
    * Bluetooth
    * compatability with Salling Clicker
    * some GPS capability (preferably using an external Bluetooth GPS); ideally this would involve storing the GPS database on an internal SD card
    * ideally support all of this without requiring a data service subscription

    The Motorola Q would pretty much fit the bill if Sprint offered it.

    Thanks for any pointers....

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