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    I'm looking for a cell phone that has a datebook, contacts, and to do functions. Now there are many that fit this category but I'm looking for one that will allow you to store addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers with the contacts.

    Is there such a thing?
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    Is this a joke?
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    Not a joke.
    Maybe I should Clarify.... I have a Treo 650 but looking for a flip phone that has the full featured pim.
    I've owned the Nokia 6340i and you can't put addresses in the contact, I would imagine the same can be said of the 6016.
    Motorola makes the mpx200 (?) but I've heard horror stories about this phone.
    Why doesn't the Razr let you store addresses?
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    HTC STRTrk / QTek 8500

    Maybe you want to look at this little beauty. Thinner than a Razr, but a full WM5 Smartphone.

    2.2" 240x320 pixel display
    1.3 megapixel digital camera
    microSD cards, Bluetooth
    quad-band GSM plus GPRS and EDGE
    64Mb RAM and ROM
    external media controls
    128x128 pixel external display

    Its $370 unlocked through mobileplanet.

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    Is the HTC Star Trek out yet? I thought it was not coming out for another month or so.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Is there any non-WM5 or Palm OS based phones that accepts addresses in their contacts?

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