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    I'm currently evaluating the Q while still using my Treo 700W. I use Verizon Wireless Sync to connect the Treo to my Exchange account. I want to add support for the Q, syncing to the same Exchange account, while still keeping the Treo up to date. If possible, I would like to use only one desktop machine at the office to run the VZ Sync program.

    Is this possible? How?

    PS: Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum for the question; it kind of falls between the cracks of the forum definitions
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    Probably the wrong place to ask this question. Might try a Motorola Q specifc forum. comes to mind or maybe a sub-forum of I don't even know if they have a Moto Q section though.
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    Thanks for the response, though I don't think going to a Q forum will be helpful. It's not Q-specific information I'm looking for; the question is whether it's possible to sync two phones - whatever model - simultaneously using VZ Wireless Sync. I have re-posted the question on the CDMA forum here, but am not hopeful.
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