Surf at broadband speeds as you tether your Q.

A member over at Qusers named baaadandy figured out how to use your Motorola Q as a broadband modem! Now before everyone jumps at me a little disclaimer, "If you should decide on using this workaround you are breaking your terms and conditions of your contract with Verizon Wireless and could be dropped". Ok now thats out of the way here is how it is done..

To setup the Q:

Dial ##342587
Enable Dial-Up Networking
Go to Start, Accessories, Modem Link
Make sure that "USB" is selected under "Connection"
Select "Activate"
Download the driver Here.
Plug in the Q.
When the New Hardware Dialogue appears, select "Install from a specific location" and point to the folder you have stored the driver.
Clicking "Next" a few times will complete the installation.
To prevent the phone from locking up, you have to do these steps in this order.

When you go into the "Modem Link" program, you will select Activate and then Done. The Q will return to the home screen.
Plug in your USB cable.
When done, disconnect the DUN connection on the computer side and wait for it to be clearly gone.
Reopen the Modem Link program and select "Deactivate".
The hourglass thingy will appear. Once the status reads "Inactive" select done.
The Modem Link program will exit and now the Q will function in Activesync mode again as normal.