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    I know this isnt a treo comparison, but you people seem to know about PDA so i thought id ask here.

    I have tmobile and have a few phones I was going to trade for an MDA. I was offerent a Verizon XV6700. I looked them up, and they are basicly the same phone for different carriers. I was wondering if anyone knew if I were to get the XV6700 unlocked to use on tmobile would I still be able to use all of tmobile's features like GPRS and EDGE?
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    You can't unlock the XV6700 and use it on T-Mobile because the XV6700 is a CDMA-technology device. The MDA is the same thing running on GSM therefore you can use it on T-Mobile.

    Therefore your choice is between getting the MDA (not a bad device, in my experience, just not as good as the T650 for me) and staying with T-Mobile or getting the XV6700 and jumping to Verizon. Before you do that, compare the data plan prices.

    I'm on T-Mobile. I've taken the MDA out on a test drive, and liked it pretty much. But I'm hanging on with my T650 and waiting.

    I figure that we GSM-kiddies are going to be rewarded later in the year when the universe throws lots of bright shiny new GSM devices into our laps -- maybe the T700 series For The Rest Of Us, the HTC Hermes, maybe the Q, who knows what else.
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    not quite the same thing, but similar. MDA os 200Mhz Dual Core OMAP processor. 6700 is single core 416 Mhz Processor.

    the dual core seems to help a lot for screen rotation. I feel like I watch the pixels redraw on the 6700 whereas the rotation on the MDA is pretty snappy. for most other tasks they seem equal.

    Data speed advantage goes to the 6700 (by far!) due to the EVDO. The MDA pokes along at EDGE speeds. for email, this is fine. for web-browing, well .... it works.
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    If you want to stay with T-Mobile you will need to keep the MDA. The 6700 is CDMA only. The only thing you lose out on is EVDO and the MDA has a much better speakerphone and battery life. The Treo 650 has a lot of great qualities and I expect people here to say they prefer it but the 650 really has been surpassed...sorry folks! I loved when I had it too though.
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