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    I am having trouble with my activesync i keep getting this error message, I want to know is there any way that the 8125 can sync wirelessly? ex bluetooth or infa red, if anybody has done this your input will be greatful.

    Thanks Carlos
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    Yes, BT ActiveSync works great! Never tried Infrared but I'm sure it would be slower.

    To set it up, follow the step by step directions in 'ActiveSync-Help-Microsoft ActiveSync Help-Setting up a sync relationship-setup a sync relationship with one PC'. There you can choose to see the directions for BT or Infrared. BT worked first time I tried so follow them exactly.
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    So Im Assuming A Nned A Software Or A Device On My Pc So It Can Have Bluetooth, Like A Bluetooth Usb Device For My Pc?
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    yes, if your laptop doesn't have BT built in, you'll have to get a USB dongle for it. Or if you don't mind the slower speed, you can do it via IR - your laptop probably has IR built in.

    Another wireless alternative is through the internet. If you use an older version of ActiveSync (3.7 or lower - I think?), you can setup to sync through the internet. I don't know much about this.

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