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    I apologize as I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I was not able to find the answer by searching on both this forum and the web. I would like to switch to Moto Q (from a 700w), but I have one or two WM5 PPC applications I use that are not (yet) available in a WM5 Smartphone version. However, I find that I am able to navigate and use the app fully by using only the keyboard and D-pad -- that is, a touchscreen is not essential for operation. Would such apps at least run on WM5 Smartphone? TIA.
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    Yes, possibly. They managed to run PPC Skype on MS Smartphone for example. Which app do you want to use?

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    Thanks for that. That is promising. I wanted to try Skype and AlarmClock.
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    doesn't WM5 have a built in alarm clock?
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    The WM5 alarm clock is practically useless to me. for example, not loud or persistent enough.
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    This might be a starting point.

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    A thread where they discuss a fake cursor for WM smartphone.

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    Another fake cursor program for MS Smartphone.

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    I'm liking the "Q" -- because I'm considering a dark-side move. But the reason I need to go to the dark side is for GoToMyPC -- unfortunately, I think the "Q"'s lack of a touch screen make render GoToMyPC unusable. Any ideas? Would these fake cursor programs solve the problem?
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    Even if it works it will probably be very cumbersome, unless you know all they keyboard shortcuts of your desktop computer..

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    Thanks for the links to that very informative article and to the cursor program. I did test it out (SPHelper) on my 700w and it works well.. it was easy to activate/deactivate the cursor whenever needed (although I can't figure out how to access the supposed hotkeys?). While this is more of a "last resort" type of thing, it will surely come in handy, and eliminates my last major concern about never having the touchscreen available. Goodbye Treo hello Moto Q!

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