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    I have been a Palm user since Palm was still called "Pilot Professional". However ia m intrigued by by the HP jornada 548, w/c is a Pocket PC OS. Partyl because of the MP3 player, and the voice recording feature.

    I guess my questions are, does anyone have any experience switching from Palm units to Pocket PC (HP Jornada, specifically). Is it a difficult transition?


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    Just got the iPAQ though. Really like the color screen and the ability to play MP3 files and record voice files "straight out of the box" (no springboard necessary). The set up and technical know how is a bit more demanding with a PPC, though. I'm a fairly technically savy user and I've had my problems with Active Sync 3.1 (M/S's version of a conduit to transfer data).

    I'm giving the Visor Deluxe to a person who works for me.

    At this point here are the reasons why I like the PPC better:

    -MP3 without a springboard
    -voice recording without a springboard
    -nice color (higher resolution and fewer colors beats more colors and lower resolution IMO)
    -sync-able with Outlook for multiple addresses
    -cool to be able to play games in color
    -two words: Pocket Quake
    -like the familiar "feel" of the O/S
    -like the inclusion of Pocket Excel and Pocket Word "out of the box"

    That's just so far. Who knows, maybe I'll feel differently later, or discover some of the PPC's limitations.
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    My name is sam, and I'm a PocketPC user.

    (oh, this is visorCentral and not AA

    I love my ipaq, and i would never go back to a palm if something didn't change.

    The bigest things about PPCs that realy sends me over the edge is:

    -out of the box, it'll do just about anything.
    -standeredized expansion, PCMCIA and CFs are wonderfull, I like this, and if i was forced to go back to a palm today I'd probly get a TRG because of this.
    -Screen size, I love that extra res.

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    Originally posted by Celchu19
    My name is sam, and I'm a PocketPC user.

    (oh, this is visorCentral and not AA
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Dont you mean PPCUA? (Pocket PC Users Anonymous) J/k
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