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    I hope Motorola DOES sell 750,000 Q's. If they do this will only be good for the end users. The price point is right, the feature set is 'pretty good' IMO and a fast-selling Q will encourage Palm, HTC, and even RIM to introduce more, better, cheaper handsets.

    Palm in particular will face the pressure to move down-market in pricing and that can only push pricing down for the premium-featured handsets that I would prefer to buy.

    Or it will work the same way it does with PCs--for the same price you get more hardware, year after year.

    Go Moto!
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    The thing that is going to kill it is the per MB usage fees. Verizon killed the MOU plans and the users who buy this are going to be looking for mobile web at the least. VZW will make them buy data to use any non voice features on this phone. I went PPC ILO smartphone with the data plan because I was railroaded on my old Samsung i600.

    Motorola can market until they are blue in the face and unless the carriers do something about data cost the market will be smaller than it could be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbono13
    But as for Lowrider, according to the sketchy Sagio report, Lowrider was said to be priced at >$300 and employ last-gen radios.
    Here's the relevant Sagio reference

    4. The launch of the Low Rider in CY3Q06/CY4Q06 - This launch will allow PALM to break into the mass-market with a price point around $200, reaching a broad swath of the consumer market while squashing those critics who argue that price competition will lead PALM's downfall
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Here's the relevant Sagio reference
    We'll just have to wait and see how competitive it will be with the Q. The original Sagio report had a slightly different description of Lowrider, one that would not fare well against the Q.

    “Lowrider” will be a sub-$300 devices utilizing previous generation radios and providing PALM with an entry level PDA.
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