I found this while browsing for Sony products. It reminds me of the OQO.


Ultra Portable Micro PC
The VAIO® UX Micro PC puts the world in your pocket and at your fingertips. It’s so small and lightweight you won’t believe it’s a full-functioning PC. This remarkably compact dynamo is designed for true PC performance on-the-go. A 4.5” widescreen display5 with XBRITE™ LCD technology delivers a clean, crisp viewing surface while an Intel® Core™ Solo Ultra Low Voltage processor and Microsoft® XP Professional operating system provide the PC usage experience you’re used to.

You already know how to use it
Because the VAIO® UX Micro PC is a full-functioning PC using the OS you already know, application user interfaces are familiar and easy to use – you get full access to all your electronic documents, including the Internet and e-mail with attachments6 Advanced wireless capabilities6, are built right in, and expansion is a breeze with the included port replicator.

Superior Widescreen Display
The VAIO® UX Micro PC comes with a high-density 4.5” widescreen SVGA display5 with Sony’s original XBRITE™ technology, providing brilliant colors, sharp contrast, and crisp images, as well as the durability required to support the unit’s touch-panel functionality. And with the anti-reflective coating to minimize reflection, you’re assured an exceptionally clear image from almost any viewing angle.