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    In my frequent check of the SERO website for the 700p they just added the 6700 this morning for $449 with a $100 mail in rebate.
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    Its amazing that they can charge so much for this, when ebay dealers sell it for $100 or less in some cases (sprintnetwork and pobox). If I were signing up a new contract, I would go through one of the ebay dealers then setup my account to switch to SERO after the first billing cycle.

    It is encouraging to know that higher end PDA phones are showing up on the SERO website. I wonder if the 700p will make it there Monday?
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    That sounds great, however I've heard of people having mixed luck with switching to sero after they have activated the plan. Personally, I might just shell out the extra money and order through the website, since you are guaranteed to get the sero plan if you do it that way.

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