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    I think after 2 weeks with it I'm sticking with the 700p........
    primarily because most all the functions take at least 3-5 extra steps to perform compared to palm.
    Typing itself is WAY slower especially if you have keycaps on palm.
    Screen resolution as well as fonts make readability harder.
    the calender is plain awful...with no app options worth mentioning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airlimp
    Jeepik, or anyone with a Nokia E61 who is using Cingular - Can I trouble you to send me the settings that you have? I'm still having issues w/ my Nokia E61 where I lose data capabilities. When I go to the connection manager, it says that it's "connecting" to CINGULAR INTERNET, though it never does reconnect w/out restarting it. Ironically enough, the phone works fine when I lose the data capabilities. Pretty annoying since I have goodlink running on it.... Thanks!
    cingular internet doesnt work on mine

    i use "cingular gprs" i got it from had the standard settings set to my e61 and it works great
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    you also might want to check out samsung i320. its out in europe. wm5 with slimmer form factor than e61 and camera. i'm tossing up between i320 and lennon for purchase later this year.

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    What are the settings for cingula gprs?
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    I320 is not quad band GSM, only Tri band currently. Won't work on Cingular in my area. Needs 850 band.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airlimp
    What are the settings for cingula gprs?

    go to

    go to support

    then select product support

    then slect, internet settings sent to your phone

    it will be automatically sent to your phone

    no need to do anything on the phone

    gotta love nokia
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    Thanks - done that numerous times to no avail (after hard resets). Cingular tells me this is a common problem with non Cingular-branded phones (though it sounds more like an excuse for either their inexperience or lack of data capabilities in certain areas). I've spoken with other Cingular data users on the treo and they say they have similar problems in NYC so I don't know if it's necessarily the phone. People with T-Mobile don't seem to have these problems. Anyway, for the time being, I'm back to my Bberry 8700c which is more reliable....
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    I've used the Nokia E61 fine with Cingular. I've since gone back to using the 700p but it worked fine on both Cingular and T-Mobile. What kind of problem did you have, was it not connecting for data?
    Main Phone: Treo 270/600/650/700w/700p/750v/Motorola Q/iPhone
    Tried but sold: Motorola Q/Nokia E61/700wx/HTC TyTN/Treo 680
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    I would constantly lose data capabilities and wouldnt be able to reconnect with the access point until restarting the phone (though I would have full phone reception). When it was working, it was great. Any thoughts? In the meantime, I'm back on my BB 8700c but would love to go back to the e61.
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    sounds like you had improper access point settings for t-mobile
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    Hey, I started this thread... way back when..
    Haha i just got a treo 680 for xmas.. No Antennae yae!!!!! Slimmer (width wise) than the Nokia e61/e62. Guess I stuck wih palm after all. Not sure I'll stick with Palm os though. I'm thinking of whether or not to get the 750 and return this 680.
    Just some thoughts.
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