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    Whats up guys, I finally d/l Smartskey.....about time I found the damn file, now I am having trouble changing the file to the correct format so i can install it, can some one help me with this. It will be greatly apprciated.

    Thanks Carlos
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    No need to change it to the correct format. You have to copy both the smartskey.exe and smartskey.ini files to a directory on your 8125. Then click on the exe file once from the 8125. It copies a shortcut to your startup automatically so it initiates when you reset. If you want to change the functionality, you can edit the .ini file in Notepad. It explains everything in that file. You're probably trying to install it from your PC through ActiveSync. You just have to run it from the 8125 itself. Hope this helps.
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    How do I transfer it to the directory, or better said what and where is that directory located
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    There are a couple ways you can move it to your device. If you are connected via USB, you can copy and paste directly to anywhere on your device by using Explorer and going to "Mobile Device". It treats your 8125 as a mass storage device. Then just run SmartSKey from your device. Or you can use a card reader and put the file on the MiniSD card then put it in the 8125 and use 'File Explorer' on the 8125 to copy and paste to your handheld. Nothing visually will happen when you run smartskey.exe from your device. You can check by clicking it again and if it asks if you want to close the app then it was installed correctly.

    I'm not sure what the latest version of SmartSKey is, but I have 0.52 and there were 3 files in the zip directory (readme.pdf, smartskey.exe, smartskey.ini). The readme file goes into detail on how to install/customize.
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    i installed the smarts key, but i am having trouble with the ini file, how do i edit it, and how to i transfer it back to the phone?
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    You should really check out the thread on forums where you got the program. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to get this working. In fact, when I downloaded it, I believe there was a set of instructions included.
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    I keep getting an error message saying smartskey can not be executed...then it says where smartskey is located.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdelauz02
    I keep getting an error message saying smartskey can not be executed...then it says where smartskey is located.
    Are the executable and ini files both in the Progams directory? Did you edit the ini file with a pure text editor (like Notepad)?
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    how do i out them in the programs directory?
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    i need to know where i can put the smartskey in a place where i wont get that error message and how i can put it there
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    i created a "smartskey" folder in my "program files" folder (windows/program files/smartskey) and i dropped both the .exe and .ini files into that folder. then used file explorer on my 8125 to click the .exe and thats all you need to do.

    delete all you have done and start fresh. do all the folder creating and copying using the EXPLORE feature of Activesync.
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    Cp, your the man dude, thanks for your help buddy...

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