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    I've gotten mixed answers from Cingular, so I was wondering if anyone here has actually done it. I am about to start a new business and need a new number. Since this device seems to have the capability, is anybody doing it?? What dept. do I need to contact to make it happen?
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    I think you can only get one number per SIM. At least, I have never heard of anyone getting two numbers on one SIM. So all you can do is switch SIMS. If you need both lines to ring, you'll probably have to get two phones.
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    Yeah, only one number per SIM unless you get a "SuperSim". Here's a thread on someone's experiences and a vendor link with usage limitations is in there too:,6873.0.html

    That thread is real old too - there may be more updated info out there with solutions that don't have as many limitations.

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