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    I'm looking to get a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio adapter. I've been using the included stereo headphones up until now so I haven't had a need for the adapter. I tried the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter that I had for my Treo 600 and it didn't work. Anyone's work with the Treo adapter?

    Here are some links to search results for audio adapters:

    Anyone have suggestions of what works well for them? How well do the microphone adapters work on some of these?

    Also, if I have a cable plugged into the audio out for music, will the BT headset still work for phone calls?
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    I use that first link when I am in my car. I have the aux cable coming from my stereo head unit come down, under my seat, and then back up in the middle console with the adapter on it which always stays on it. When I get into my car I just plug it right into my phone and listen to music.

    I also have one of these:

    This is what I use when I'm working out or something using my headphones. The mic on it seems to work just fine. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    I'll probably just get that one.

    Unfortunately my factory stereo doesn't have RCA aux inputs. I tried adapters for the CD changer port in the back but never got it to work. I don't like wireless FM mods (too much interference). I ended up using a wired FM mod kit that shuts off the external antenna and feeds the stereo through the antenna. No interference whatsoever but more work mounting the switch, running wires, and hiding the modulator. Works well, just need an audio adapter that works with the 8125

    Thanks for the input.
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    ive been meaning to get a FM Mod to listen to SIRIUS thru my 8125, since i dont actually have sirius anymore, i just stream it on my 8125 with a friends password, it will be great to listen in my car for free too
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