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    Just saw these phones in H.K. The prices are as follow:

    N71: hk$4380, US$560
    N80: HK$4980, US$640
    N91: HK$5500, US$705
    E60: HK$4280, US$550

    I think the N71's price is too high. Probably the salesman was trying to rip me off. It is not in the pic.

    The E60 looks bigger than I originally thought. In fact it looked like a small brick.

    The N80 looks small and really slick, but I wonder how long the battery would last. WIth the phone that small, I don't think it is equipped with a high capacity battery, and with WLAN, I doubt it will last long. But that is my guess.

    Can't find E61 and E70. Can't wait for the E70 to come out.
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