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    I'm not sure which to get.
    Visor delux or Palm IIIxe.
    each have it pros and cons.(In S'pore)

    Visor PalmIIIxe
    Modules no expandable option
    casing is fragile studdy
    Expensive Cheaper
    Not upgradeable OS Upgradable OS

    If the Visor price drop like Palm IIIxe then I will consider getting a Visor delux but now Palm IIIxe is much cheaper.

    That why I still have not made up my mind. ????????
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    I wouldn't buy either one just yet. By the end of this coming month, Palm may introduce a whole new line of handhelds to replace the current products. You may find something you really like, particularly the new M300 series which will replace the Palm IIIxe.

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    I agree with foo. Usually I tell people to get what they need now instead of waiting for the next generation that will/may have such and such feature and use so and so's hardware, but with the arrival so close and concrete I'd suggest waiting to see what they have to offer.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.

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