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    I got a laugh outta this article:


    "When Houston law firm Allen Boone Humphries Robinson (ABHR) was deciding which devices to deploy to its team of lawyers and other staff, the mission was clear: They didn't want to talk on a "pancake."

    Debbie Cole, the firm's IT liaison and ProLaw administrator, isn't referring to the light and fluffy breakfast treat. To her, it means BlackBerry, as in Research In Motion Ltd.'s wildly popular mobile devices. For ABHR, the BlackBerrys were just too big, Cole said. They couldn't fit snugly in a pocket, and talking on them was, well, like talking into a pancake. Apparently, size does matter.

    "The ones that fit our needs were huge," she said of the BlackBerrys. "We wanted to have one device; the BlackBerrys were just too big ."

    But size wasn't the only concern; the firm also needed a full-flavored syrup.

    After a rigorous head-to-head testing phase, during which the public firm of roughly 40 lawyers, legal assistants and other staff pored over every feature, ABHR selected Palm Treo 650 smartphones with GoodLink from Good Technology, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based mobile computing software and service provider. "
    never quite heard a device called a pancake b4.
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    Not that there is a tremendous size differential between the BB pancake and the Treo, though. (He said, having recently come back to the Treo after an interlude *ahem* away from home with a Blackberry, something that is deeply regretted and will never, ever happen again).
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    David Pogue, in one of his reviews, referred to a BB as a Pop-Tart and Ed Colligan talked in a podcast about another (unnamed--read: BB) device as a waffle...

    I'm getting hungry for breakfast at 10:13 PM EDT... IHOP, anyone?

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