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    The rating system seems to be a bit arbitrary as in one detailed review they seem to only talk about MM and another they focus on more traditional uses. But this should serve as a handy take off point to look at 9 PDA/Phones. Interesting comments comparing 650 and 700 tho nothing we haven't seen before.

    Samsung SGH-T809
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 3.0*
    The Good Bright screen, easy-to-read numbers, thin form
    The Bad Hatch covers come loose. Sorting photos is laborious
    The Bottom Line A solid all-purpose camera phone, with a couple of quirks

    Samsung SCH-i730
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 4.0*
    The Good Elegant design, slide-out keyboard, WiFi Internet access
    The Bad While larger than rivals' screens, it's still too small
    The Bottom Line Loaded with extras, it is an outstanding choice for voice calls, e-mail, and short messages

    T-Mobile MDA
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 3.5*
    The Good Roomy keyboard, multiple connection options, long battery life
    The Bad Occasional quirky responses to stylus
    The Bottom Line Great for Windows apps; doesn't match the e-mail speed of BlackBerry or Treo

    Cingular 2125
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 4.0*
    The Good An unconventional, multi-featured way to carry your music around
    The Bad The keyboard makes messaging a pain
    The Bottom Line With this phone/PDA combo, you'll never leave home without your music

    Cingular 8125
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 3.5*
    The Good Multiple wireless connection options, expandable SD slot, slide-out keyboard
    The Bad Average call quality, slow processor
    The Bottom Line Mixes business and pleasure so well that it's easy to overlook the call-quality issues

    Treo 700w
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 3.5*
    The Good Runs Windows. Operates on Verizon's wireless broadband network
    The Bad Windows doesn't support hi-res screen
    The Bottom Line The best Windows Mobile device ever, but a cut below Palm's 650

    Samsung A920
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 4.5*
    The Good A well-designed multimedia phone that packs TV, music, gaming, and more
    The Bad User interface could benefit from better organization
    The Bottom Line Tons of features and easy to use

    Sony Ericsson W600i
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 4.0*
    The Good Quality MP3 player; phenomenal battery life, gaming, and photos
    The Bad Uncomfortable talk position, hard-to-use keypad
    The Bottom Line Design drawbacks outshined by stellar sound, display, and features

    BlackBerry 8700c
    Editor's Review Star Rating = 4.0*
    The Good Bright screen, fast e-mail, much-improved Web browsing experience
    The Bad Keyboard takes some time and patience to adapt to
    The Bottom Line Thumbs up. The best BlackBerry yet
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    Yeah, I agree with your point about "traditional uses" vs. media. It seems to me that putting the Blackberry in the same category as the a920, for instance, is like comparing (wait for it) apples and oranges.

    The "traditional uses" comparison is really the 6700/8125/MDA family vs. 700w vs. 650 vs. 8700c/g, plus the vaporous Motorola Q and the impending Nokia E61 and whatever "Real Soon Now, We Promise" phone is coming at us.

    I have no clue about the "media" side of the equation when it comes to phones as this is handled by Mr. iPod for me. Yeah, I know. I'm a slug. I don't watch movies on my 650. I'm a proud "traditional uses" man.
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    I wonder how all this MM stuff will fare after the novelty wears off. My last vehicle (conversion van) had the DVD player and TV thing and was used a bit while kids were little. The new Envoy came with a DVD player but I think it's been used 3 times in 18 months. I mean how many times can ya watch "March of the Penguins" or anything else for that matter. I don't "get", for the most part, watching something a second time. There are soem movies I wanna watc again for cinematic effect or which don't seem to get old (like Ghostbusters) but I wanna see these on a big screen.
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    I dont even understand how the a920 is even considered a PDA and gets the highest rating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach
    I dont even understand how the a920 is even considered a PDA and gets the highest rating.
    I'll second that. How is the a920 a pda exactly?
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