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    Somebody that is very close to me is looking for a PDA. They asked for MHO about what is available. They asked the usual what can I do with it, how does it work, etc. etc. etc. The models that seemed to lay heavy with this person where the Palm V/Vx, and the IBM WorkPad c3. How come (I haven't seen much about this product? Looks to be exactly like the V/Vx. No mention of it on Cnet, ZDNet, when doing a search for PDA's, what gives? Any coments?
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    The reason you don't see much (or any) coverage of the IBM Workpads, is due to the fact that these devices are not intended for consumers. IBM targets them for the enterprise. Big blue even offers bundling deals to corporate clients with other products.

    That's why you never will see IBM Workpads at Best Buy.

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    To add to that, they are the same. The only differance is the casing.
    Matt Nichols
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    Also there is an IBM logo that shows up every time you turn it on (Or so iv'e heard)

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