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    "In a recent article, UMPC News takes a collective look at the reports and findings of Apple filings within the U.S. Patent database and comes to the conclusion that a UMPC-like device may very well be in development by Apple (and has been for some time)."

    I wonder if a smartphone isn't far behind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    I wonder if a smartphone isn't far behind.
    Walter Mossberg today:

    'Now, Apple is working on other projects built on the same end-to-end model as the iPod: a media-playing cellphone and a home-media hub.'

    Where any iPhone would lie on the feature phone/smartphone spectrum is hard to say but the rumours just keep a-comin'. I'm sure I've read somewhere that Mossberg does have pretty good contacts at Apple so maybe that adds a bit of credibility to this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AppleInsiderl
    Softbank Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. plan to jointly develop cellular phone handsets that have built-in iPod digital music players and can download songs directly from Apple's iTunes Music Store, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun is reporting.

    According to the report, Softbank President Masayoshi Son and Apple chief executive Steve Jobs have already met and reached a basic agreement on the cell phone partnership.

    The two companies will reportedly first develop a 3G cell phone model that incorporate functions reminiscent of Apple's popular iPod, eliminating the need for consumers to carry two separate devices.

    "These handsets are to be released in Japan sometime this year at the earliest," the report states.

    Softbank, which became a cell phone service provider by acquiring the Japanese unit of British mobile phone company Vodafone Group Plc, was reportedly chosen by Apple because the overseas company plans to offer high-speed Internet access for cell phones in Japan.

    Apple plans to later introduce similar media-enabled cell phones in the United States, the report adds. Details such as the fee for downloading songs is said to be up for discussion amongst the two companies at a later date.

    The reliability of the report is unknown.

    Might just be another music phone but the iPod already has pretty good sync technology (not just music but also contacts and calendars, including Outlook) so it's not completely unreasonable to expect a degree of smartphoneness. That said, it's not the Apple way to add complexity that compromises the core functions of the device (phone and music). I'm not expecting a QWERTY keyboard!

    Still, if Apple are designing the hardware and the software there's a very good chance that it will be a truly sweet device, irrespective of whether it's really a Treo competitor or not.
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    I dont use an iPod. I am not sure what the bitrate you get from iTunes is either. $.99 a track is very pricey in my opinion and it is HIGHLY unlikely I will be using anything of this nature in the near future. (Although I was once a Napster customer, but only for the streaming really, as I only purchased 1 track from them ever. The track turned out to be WMA and only 128kbps so purchasing from them in my opinion was dumb and expensive.) Having said all that, how sweet would it be to be jogging, or whatever activity, and listening to a FM radio, via your phone, hear a song you like and download it right then.

    Sure I could listen to MP3s on my PPC-6700, wirelessly and FM if I had the new Sony bluetooth headset. Sure I could hear a good song and log into my home PC via I could then start up IE (which would be set to and download pretty much any song I want to my PC via Giganews and Newleecher. I could then start Orb remotely and stream the song over my EVDO signal. The point is how awesome would it be to have a phone with a few gig of storage, a2dp, EVDO/UMTS, and access to an online music database. I will not be paying those kind of fees for music, especailly ****ty quality, but that is a HUGE set of features I think. I wish I could get a good binaries news reader on my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach
    I dont use an iPod. I am not sure what the bitrate you get from iTunes is either.
    iTunes Music Store sells 128 kbps AAC files. That bitrate is enough to stop me buying as is the fact that files are DRMed and you can only play them on the devices Apple wants you to (mostly iPods). iTunes the app on the other hand allows MP3 or ACC constant bitrate encoding upto 320 kbps; there's also vbr or if you really want there's a lossless encoder too. I'm pretty happy with the job iTunes does with MP3 enocoding at 224 kbps cbr but since I'll have bought the CD anyway I can always re-encode if 224 kbps doesn't cut it. iTunes encoded files can be played on any device with the appropriate codec.

    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach
    $.99 a track is very pricey in my opinion and it is HIGHLY unlikely I will be using anything of this nature in the near future
    I'm not about to do it either, but it might be worth noting that the one big advantage of downloadable music is that you don't have to buy a whole CD just to get one track.

    From a personal point of view, I don't see iTMS integration as the most attractive thing about this hypothetical Apple designed phone. The most attactive thing is that it's Apple designed

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