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    I tried to IR some stuff to my friend who has a PalmIIIc and it didn't work. we checked the usual, made sure beam recieve was on, tried at different distances, tried different altitude.
    What keeped happening was that if i was trying to send something from my visorDx, the palmIIIc would recieve acknowlege my signal but the visor would still be searching and end up failing.
    If my friend tried to IR me i would never recieve his signal.
    At first I thought that maybe my Visor had trouble recieve IR signals but I tried sending stuff to my other friend who has a Visor Platinum and it works fine. Plus he had the same problems IRing to the PalmIIIc too.

    The PalmIIIc can IR to the computer without any problems. has anyone else experience this or has it worked for any of you?
    I'd hate to find out that it is impossible to for the Visor IR to certain Palm models because that just seems like an unneccesary limitation that should have been looked at.

    My graphite Visor Deluxe is looking so sexy right now.

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    I have also had some problems with IRing stuff to my co-workers Palm IIIc. I have been able to beam stuff to and from many other palm pilots, so I think that it was just an isolated case with his palm IIIc. THe only thing is that he can beam to and from another Visor deluxe. Maybe some visors have a problem with beaming with IIIc's.


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