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    While I was impressed with the speed of EDGE on the 8700, I was disappointed that I couldn't access certain sites that I could on my Treo650...such as my bank website. I could only get to a certain point on the site and couldn't access my bank transactions, regardless of which browser settings I configured. Weird. I had no problem with this on the Treo.
    I originally had the same issue with a previous 8700 I had but based on the new software and the browser settings I have I can get to my banking site and perform all functiosn just like on my Treo.
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    Glad it worked for you. Not sure what software you upgraded to, but the .284 that came installed sure didn't do it.
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    From what I could tell, the BB 8700's browser won't do Frames - a Website technique all too common. From what the T-Mobile rep mentioned, it's supposed to be possible to select each Frame on a given webpage individually - but on my own Frame-powered webpage, I couldn't get it to work. I gotta admit, though, the websites it could download came fast compared to my non-Edge Treo 600 :-(...
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