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    Long time Nextel user (Nextel i860 currently), needing/wanting to switch to a PDA phone or Smartphone.

    - Don't do a lot of e-mailing when I am out of the office. Maybe 7-10 per day. Mostly reading, not much urgency on replying.
    - Spend a great deal on the cell phone with clients
    - Not a work road warrior.
    - Do maintained a very detailed contact listing via my Palm Tungsen
    - I do a lot of internet browsing with the pre-determined sites via Nextel ( stock quotes, sports scores, weather, directions, etc)

    Want a phone where I can do more with the internet as far as searching and going to other sites for both work related issues and personal use.

    So also looking for a larger viewing screen.

    Not glued to Nextel. So I could either stay with Nextel/Sprint or switch to Verizon.

    And contemplating either the Treo or Blackberry or the not yet released Moto Q.

    Price is not really a factor, as much as call clarity and functionality for my usage.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I have had pretty good call quality with my PPC-6700. Much better than the Treo 650, but I find the volume to be lacking. My Nokia 6016i sounds better and has better volume than both. PPC-6600 has a LARGE screen, but no EVDO, atleast for Sprint. GSM has some very nice options, but no data to really compliment it, unless you are in a very select market.

    Like I said, I really enjoy the PPC-6700. It fits all of your needs, but you would probably want a bluetooth headset and an extended battery.
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    6700 would be a good fit. the phone app is a bit awkward, but there is software to help with that. if you do lots of browsing, pocket ie combined with EVDO would be great.

    i would say stick with sprint. 15/month(sprint) vs 40+/month(verizion) for EVDO.

    keep in mind the moto does not have a touchscreen. also there is more cusomization/fun/personal things you can do with a ppc6700 than a blackberry. oh yeah, it is great for doing work type stuff too. treo is good too, but you will have to wait at least a month and a half to get it on sprint, and it is still somewhat up in the air as far as what they will release, palm or windows.

    i agree with mach, the battery life is a bit short on the ppc6700. if you are on the phone all the time and the added size does not bug you, get the extended battery.

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