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    Can anyone help with this - short of a hard reset?

    I can stream radio stations with TCPMP just fine; what I Can Not do is stream using the Windows Media Player. It just hangs on buffering (never gets passed 0%) and then says error.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    never seen this (and i'm a tester at msft)...

    what build are you using? (settings -> about)
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    i have no problem streamin SIRIUS, but thats all ive tried...
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    are you using a proxy server?
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    what format is the audio in?
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    Thanks for all the replies;

    Version is 10.2 Build 14410

    Not to sure about a proxy server - I am connectiong to the default (nediaNet)

    By the way, SiruCE does not work either!

    Maybe I have a defective machine!!

    I even did a hardreset --

    any other ideas?
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    I hate Windows Media Player as well. It sometimes work but at random times I get problems streaming Orb. I wish I could figure out how to use GSPlayer, TCPMP, or Resco Radio to stream Orb rather than WMP.

    Try typing the URL into Resco Radio and see if that plays the stream well.

    Are you doing the streaming over WiFi or EDGE? I have more problems when going over EDGE due to the slower connection speed. What format is the stream in?
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    You cannot stream with the proxy server turned on. Settings/connections tab/connections/medianet bla bla proxy server/uncheck"this network uses a proxy server... The proxy server speeds up internet access on some sites, but blocks you from using many other services.
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    Well, that did it. thanks for all the replies. I turned the proxy off. I can now stream (SiruCE works as well) and I don't really notice a slowdown on the net yet.

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