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    Does anyone have experience with strong backup software for the Cingular 8125? And would this work to reinstall all information after a ROM upgrade?

    It's a shame that Activesync does not automatically backup files and settings like the Palm Hotsync software.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    No, dont restore from a backup after a ROM update. Sprite backup I believe is good and free. Never used it, but I hear about it all the time on
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    I use Spb Backup. Not free but works very well and is pretty flexible about customizing backups and restores. Backups can be scheduled, etc. I can also confirm, however, that you cannot restore after a ROM update, and share your regret that AS doesn't work more like HotSync.
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    Thanks very much for your help (both of you). Based on the online reviews and your feedback, seems like spb Backup is a good choice and compatible with SmartsKey and VoiceCommand. I'll skip the ROM update with this in the future.... as soon as Cingular releases the upgrade version next month.

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