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    One of my friends has an MDA for t-mobile. I searched for WM5 forums but couldn't find anything so I revert back home, here.

    He's looking for applications that will allow him to watch streaming video/audio from websites. (i.e. myspace videos etc)
    Also, ringtones... Is there any software that he can use that will allow him to use downloaded ringtones on his MDA?

    If you dont know, the MDA is very similar to the PPC-6700
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    he can use mp3 files that are chopped down to use as ringtones.
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    Has he even turned this thing on yet?
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    Search for the thread Loud Ringtones. That should help there.

    There are loads of streaming apps, anything from the OEM Media Player, added plugins for the Media Player, to 3rd party apps. Go to either or and a quick search should bring up loads of options for whatever he wants to do.
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    should be able to use any mp3 or wav file for ringtones..

    here's a nice media player that plays pretty much everything:

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