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    An italian very good new site (mobileblog) states that a new Haier device is ready and running ALP.

    Read more here (in italian). Nothing special for what the hw specs is concerned, but this could be a very very good news for all Palm OS lovers!!!

    What do you think??
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    so they released ALP on a phone before ACCESS/PalmSource even released ALP publicly. Wow. I am impressed.
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    Nothing in the article says it was "released" - it is simply an announcement that when released, it will run ALP.
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    The Haier N60 is a Linux based smartphone, but the ones with ALP on them were just development units. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Haier$ $has$ $not$ $licensed$ $ALP$ $yet$, $in$ $fact$ $no$ $one$ $has$, $as$ $its$ $not$ $finished$ $yet$.

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    Does Haier make quality products? I think I had a Haier water cooler @ work that crapped out in a month.

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