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    Visor or VTECH Heillo?

    Personally I have brought both the Visor 2MB and a Palm IIIc.. . My friend seeing how cool my PDAs are is considering on buying one too, but he is on a low budget a Visor 2MB is about at best he can afford. He asks me what he should buy because his thinks he might need it when he goes to University soon (he's in OAC now, I'll in 11) . I think for him, he'll either buy a old lap top a little more expensive than a Visor or he'll buy a PDA at about the Visor's price range. I recommend him to buy a VTECH Heillo because ---- 1st: It's has better hardware than any PDA at the Visor Price range --- 2nd: It is LINUX compatible (I am right right? Please confirm) He is a fan of Linux. YES I KNOW at VT OS is CRAP AND UNLESS due to compatibility problems. But it can be changed to Pocket Linux right? here's the URL for those who don't know it existsWhat do you think?
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    helio, you can throw pocket linux on it

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