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    and one for $350 running Linux w/ GPS

    If it had a KB and 3G, I woulda payed closer attention.
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    no qwerty keyborad. Nothanks.
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    If the linux one had a keyboard, I'd try to get it the day it's released.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $isn$'$t$ $a$ $very$ $good$ $pen$ $input$ $system$ $for$ $linux$ $out$... $So$ $I$ $dunno$, $lack$ $of$ $keyboard$ $seems$ $very$ $limiting$; $even$ $when$ $I$ $like$ $pen$ $input$.

    Then you got the modem listed as GPRS/CSD... uhm... EDGE would have been nice
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    For $3600 it better do things my wife won't...
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    That Linux smartphone looks similar to the Sony Ericsson P900 minus the flip down keypad.
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