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    My 650 is on it's last legs and is not warrantied due to my hacking it from Sprint to Vz. I will need a new device soon and I hate to get another 650 since it is so outdated. I don't think mine will last until the 700p is released.

    There are many WM devices out there, and I was considering changing to the vx6700. However, I hate having to switch to landscape mode everytime I want to type.

    The i730 seems like a beautiful form factor. It now can be (unofficially) upgraded to WM5. The only downside I have seen is the lack of a camera. Otherwise, it has everything the 700w has, plus wi-fi.

    There is a very loyal following on PDAphonehome, but searching through this forum, which I have come to trust, I find almost no discussion of this device, but lots on other similar devices. I am assuming that there may be a reason for this. Are there users out there who have particular gripes with the i730? Is there something I'm missing?
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    Due to the fact that Sprint has been the traditional launcher of all Treos and GSM Treos are generally released unlocked, I have noticed the user base here is mostly Sprint and GSM. It hasn't been until the 700W that Verizon has been pushing the Treo line. I think that's probably why you don't see much about the 730 haere, not many Verizon users.
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    There are also some problems I've heard from users with i730's. One of our sales reps has one, and the standard battery is nearly useless - he said it was only usable with the "fat" extended battery. Now that it's upgradeable to WM5, other shortcomings will have been fixed, but he was not happy as a WM2003 device. Another problem is that native WM5 devices have non-volatile memory; I don't know if if the i730 is.
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    Preliminary reports are that the battery life is improved with WM5, not that battery life is a major issue with me. My 650 gets charged every evening and while in my car. I'm never far from a charger.
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    Wm likes juice. I am a pretty heavy data (60-100mb/mo) and text (~1500/mo) and my 8125 needs to be charged every night. I think that the main reason for this is because I believe the battery is only 1200 mAh. I am thinking about getting a bigger battery since I am always having to charge it every night. That is the biggest issue that I have been having with my 8125. I wish the the iMate Super Jam's battery would work in the 8125. Then I would be set since I have two batts for my Super Jam.
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    When I was switching from Cingular to Verizon, I tried out the i730 for a week or so. I'd had really bad experiences with the Cingular Treo 650's, and didn't want to end up in the same boat with Verizon.

    Overall I really liked the i730. It's an extremely capable device. It comes bundled with some awesome software. Even though I'm a Mac user, with Missing Sync I was able to sync it perfectly.

    I had two issues with the i730 that made me return it for the Verizon Treo.

    1) Battery life. Saying this thing has bad battery life could be the understatement of the decade. Plan on getting two or three hours charge out of the standard batter at most. The extended charge battery is better, but even then I had trouble getting it to last all day. I was on the phone a lot with my job then, but still.........

    2) One-handed operation. I'm sure this is improved by upgrading it to WM5, but with WM3 it was intolerable compared to the Treo.

    Like I said, I went back to the Treo 650. Interestingly, the Verizon Treo has been FAR more stable and usable than all 3 of my Cingular Treos.
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    WM5 is no easier to use one handed as WM 2003, unless you are using the treo 700w. I have both a wizard and and super jam and they are about equal in navigating. It is almost necessary to use two hands to get through all of the menus on both of the phones. There is a program called smart key which makes WM5 easier to use one handed.
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