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    Treo's days are numbered."Some unknown device will kill it soon ".
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    No qwerty, otherwise looks rather nice. Give it CDMA and I would consider it. I wish GSM had good data speeds here. I would pay the ETF in a heartbeat. I hate the no SIM thing. Sprint and Verizon is going to lose a lot of business I think when GSM providers get something that compares to EVDO. I saw a Sprint roadmap and I didnt see RUIMs anywhere on the list. Shame...
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    Pro: No antenna sticking out.
    Pro: Black looks pretty good.

    Con: No keyboard, you could scribble on the screen; but I prefer to have both a physical and on screen block recognition.

    I would also prefer CDMA, being in the States gsm doesn't have the best data speed. I also think $699 is a tad steep. Now seeing thats without contract, it might not be to bad... that just depends who you ask I guess.
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    Only advantage over my 8125 is the 2.0 MP camera.....on top of that, it has no kb. I'm waiting for the HTC Hermes which should be UMTS ready.
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    Apparently the photos from that camera is really exceptional. (for a PDA phone that is)

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    I like the small, thin profile. Lack of a keyboard is not a deal killer, unless I need to type a small thesis in Word. I just can't stand T9, so this is a good small alternative to a phone dialpad smartphone, which is the only thing smaller. That's why I upgraded from Cingular 2125 to 8125 (that PLUS WiFi which is a joy). Think I'll be here (with 8125) for while.
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    I think I will be with a GSM device too when they get some decent data speeds. **** on Sprint and CDMA. BTW I probably wont change from my PPC-6700 until I switch to a GSM carrier. This is a sweet phone. I liked my Treo 650, but I love this device.
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    Would it be okay to say that this has everything except a keyboard ?
    Treo's days are numbered."Some unknown device will kill it soon ".
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    Yeah, it seems fairly robust to me. Quad band, so that is a plus. If it had a true 3G network option, not that the US can use it anyway, and a keyboard it would be pretty close to perfect. Of course I would prefer VGA and the 624MHz processor (which this article doesn't make mention of).
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    It has that 200 MHz OMAP processor. A lot of people claim its fast enough with this, but a lot also complain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    Anyone ?
    Pros & cons .
    Here's a pretty detailed review of the i-Mate Jamin, also an HTC Prophet variant so essentially the same device:

    Quote Originally Posted by pocketpcdubai


    Best camera on a PDA till date (2.0 Megapixel with Macro mode)
    Amazing form-factor
    Easy one-handed use (thanks to soft-key support)


    Slow processor
    2.5mm Jack
    Lack of UMTS
    USB v.1.1
    Low volume on speakerís
    Lack of UMTS is the killer for me, possibly low speaker volume too (I need those TomTom voice directions!)

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