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    Nokia 7380

    With the Nokia 7380, feeling like a celebrity is just a chic accessory away. The 7380 may not look like a phone at first glance. It's designed without keypads and without a screen. The front is mostly a mirror, which comes in handy if you're at a club and need to check your makeup. Flip the phone over, and the back is mostly real leather, interrupted by the camera lens and flash. But just because it looks so good doesn't mean it's all that. We put the 7380 through our own fashionable performance test.

    The fashion-conscious say neutral colors are in this year. The tech-savvy say 2-megapixel camera phones with Bluetooth are all the rage. Put the two together and you get the Nokia 7380, the sophisticated nightclubber's phone for 2006.

    The 7380 is an update to the radical 7280; the two form a unique line of fashion-accessory phones for the U.S. Designed without keypads and a little awkward to use, they're supposed to be second phones that you take out after the workday is over. Think of them as the perfect accessory for a dress by geek-fashion princess Diana Eng.

    There's no way to tell that the 7380 is a phone at first glance. It's a keypadless and apparently screenless rectangle; the front is mostly a mirror, with a single glowing, jeweled button surrounded by a subtle rubberized scroll wheel. A bit of etched accenting softens the mirror's face. Flip it over and the back is mostly real leather, interrupted by the camera lens and flash. As on the 7280, a fabric tag juts out of the side, blurring the lines between phone and clothing.


    So how do you dial something without a keypad? You can download your contacts from your PC to the phone using Nokia's free PC Suite software and a Bluetooth connection (as there's no USB port), then spin through your contact list using the scroll wheel. You can pick out numbers painstakingly by scrolling through individual digits. Or you can use Nokia's speaker-independent voice dialing. It's a step above the 7280's trained-voice-tag method, but the phone had trouble understanding some of our commands, and, most annoyingly, there's no way to dial specific digits by voice. Nokia should adopt or learn from the superior VoiceSignal system on phones like the Motorola RAZR V3c.

    FULL REVIEW:,1895,1936054,00.asp
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    ...hold down a button at one corner of the scroll wheel, and a sharp little 208-by-104 screen lights up in the middle of the mirrored area.
    Shame, really.
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    Looks like a tampon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Looks like a tampon.
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    But I bet it will sell like hot cakes...
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    Gross! It look like another useless fashion phone in the same tradition as the Sidekick and Razr.
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    Except at least those two are functional....imagine trying to dial without a keypad!
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    It looks like a feminized HAL9000 from "2001".
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