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    I've been waiting for the release of this beautiful mp3 player for months to replace my vintage eDigital MXP 100; at this point I've only read about it, most recently, here:

    It's loaded, it's pretty, and the 6GB version is the highest-capacity flash-based device out. FM recording, a replaceable battery, and a card slot on a still-"nano"-sized device sold me. Or is about to...

    I'm looking! Anyone have one? Anyone seen one at a retailer? Thanks.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    looks like a good one. if the 20 hrs play time is true, it is a big plus, no other this kind players can do that long. Acturally Sony players can do even longer, but Sony software is nothing but copy protector; garbage.

    I don't like the microSD and prefer SD. But new Samsung phones use them, so you can share the disk if you have those phones. E.g., download muics on the phones via EVDO and then play the music on this Sandisk player.

    The big issue is the background noise the Cnet reviwer mentioned. If you are going to use those popular in-ear phones such as Shure, this is a huge problem.

    Sandisk players are not so thoughtfully designed, especially on the firmware side. Things from Korea are the best, such as iRiver, iAudio and MPIO. My favorites are MPIO FL100 (1 AAA powered, SD slot, best FM reception...) and iRiver IHP-120 (installed 30 hr battery for $30). The iAudio X5L is another good one. These are the very best MP3 players. If you like the Treo for their most thoughtful design, these players are the only ones for you (iPods are for dummies).
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    Well, I'll skip the "thoughtful" and especially the Korea claims. I've looked at all three of these, but none are in the same class. I do like Cowon's iAudio designs very much-just about all of them. I don't think any company has as impressive a catalog, and their web site is another illustration of their design superiority. The X5L is my favorite hard disk-nice screen-nice sound option. It is beautiful, has a great screen, and sounds great. The only iAudio I've been tempted by is the U3 because tiny, powerful/loaded designs are what move me. But the X5L and the A2 are also great designs. But, the class I'm looking at is flash-based, video color screen, very slim/light/sleek, expandable, FM *recording*. This new Sandisk e200 is peerless, especially the 6GB version.

    BTW, I don't use in-ear phones, and I don't feel about iPods the way you do. In fact, the Nano is another beautiful design right down to its packaging, although it's not as "thoughtful" as the ones we like.

    BTW2, the Treo is a great design, but as important as design is, it is not enough, and the Treo is a great illustration of the insufficiency of great design.

    BTW3, software design is as important and that's part of what Sandisk has gotten right. This is another area where iPods are very strong, if not as thoughtful .
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    When I say design, I never mean just looks: I mean all the thoughts the developpers put into the product. Just see how much work the Treo designers put into it to make it truly one hand operatable. If you have a chance to play with those players I mentioned, you'll see the same. A look on the web pages dose not mean anything.

    I have played with earlier Sandisk players, I don't see any thoughtfullness in their firmware. I can predict: this new player is again an assemply of features, but not thoughtfully put together, unless this time it is a new/better design team. I wish I'd be wrong, as I AM looking for somthing like that: thin and long battery life, decent FM. DragNDrop (music) file transfer w/o software. Starts my music from where I want to and keeps playing (does not stop at the end of a folder). Expansion slot. Believe it or not, such an easy thing does not exist yet. The FL100 is the only one that's close.

    For video stuff, Treo 650 is so far the best.: large and detailed screen, super long battery life. All needed is to install the free Core Pocket Player.

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