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    I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion in this forum on this situation....

    I have a Nikon D70s Digital SLR and the Cingular 8125. I'm heading out on vacation in a couple months and I want to be able to upload/email pics I take on my D70. I'm not going to take my laptop. The D70 uses a high-speed CF Card and the 8125 uses a miniSD. With my old digital camera and Treo, I would use an SD->CF adapter and simply put the SD card in the Treo and transfer pics. I could use the same method by getting a miniSD->CF adapter, however this would sacrifice the performance of the D70 camera because it would not have a fast enough transfer rate, plus I would have to buy another miniSD card and it would make my current CF card useless. The D70 does have a miniUSB port for connecting to the computer. Does anyone know of drivers for WM5 to allow me to plug a miniUSB to miniUSB cable from my camera to the 8125 to transfer files? Or possibly another way to get the pics from that CF card to my 8125?

    I did happen to find a program that allows you to transfer pics from WiFi enabled Nikon DSLR cameras to a PPC. Couple problems with that - my D70 doesn't have WiFi and the software is a full blown image suite that allows modification and costs $489!

    I realize this is a very specific question, but this forum has always been a great help so I'm hoping someone has a good suggestion. Thanks.
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    I could use this solution with the D200, too!
    Would you want to email "snapshot" sized photos, or full RAW sized files to editors?
    It seems like there could be more options if the files are kept small...
    Does Nikon offer any suggestions?
    Have you checked software vendors in the back of the digital photo magazines?

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    Well, I'm hoping the resort I'm staying at has WiFi so I would like to keep the RAW size making transfer size not an issue. I didn't contact Nikon nor did I find anything on their website. I am a newbie to the DSLR scene so I do not subscribe to any digital photo magazines. I'm sure there's some solution, but I'm thinking it would be more of a driver issue (8125 recognizing the D70 is plugged into it).
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    It seems there are a couple companies that do have drivers for USB mass storage on the PPC. The Nikon DSLRs are treated as mass storage when connected to a PC. AnyPak and RatocSystems seem to have PPC 2003 drivers. Not sure if they work on WM5. If you do a search for AnyPak there are a lot of discussions on it. Here's one I ran into:

    I may try and see. Just gotta find a miniUSB to miniUSB cord.
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    I bought a usb cord at staples a year or so back that interchangeable ends. mini-usb is in the adapter set. you would have to buy two of them to get two of the same tips, though. still, its a solution.

    Former long term user of the Treo line, then on to the HTC 8125/8525. Now I have graduated to the iPhone. For the first time since getting my first Treo 600, I am not constantly scanning the web looking for a better converged device.
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    thank you for the suggestion vinman. I'm contacting Nikon to see what they suggest too.
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    You need a device that can act as USB host or CF reader. A couple PDA have it, like fujitsu loox or the iPaqs. I don't think the wizard can do it. That's one of the reason I hate miniSD phones.

    I would go to ebay and look for the cheapest old PDA that has dual CF/SD slots.

    An Axim X5 can be had for very cheap.
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    I've seen some CF to many-formats adapters that included SD, but they've been off brands and not especially compact, so I haven't bought. Sandisk has produced a couple of thumb-size adapters but they do not have the combination we need yet. You might also try try the PC Tools or Nikon SLR forum at The Gear Talk forum at pro-oriented would be good too, but access is more restricted. Good luck and let us know what you fiind!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    wow...thanks for the responses guys. I've got lots of options to try here. I do actually have an old Toshiba PPC2002 PDA but there is a battery problem so it needs to be plugged into AC in order to work. I'm pretty sure I tried a new battery and that didn't work but I can't remember. Maybe I'll revive that device because that has CF and SD slots (I have the miniSD to SD adapter so this would work well). I was hoping to get away with just using my smartphone but the PDA thing is still much better than lugging around a laptop. Thanks for the forum suggestions Rodolfo. I'll keep everyone posted on any progress over the next couple of weeks.
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    Last desperate alternative is to get a Nikon D50, as this takes an SD memory card.

    I'm almost considering getting a Nikon D50 myself for the purpose of emailing images directly through my Treo 650. I also have Acid Image Pro program on my Treo which will quickly downsize any jpeg image in seconds so I can send a reduced picture file quickly.

    Normally, I use a Nikon D1x and Nikon D100, and I use the 2GB Lexar CF cards with these. I had once read of an adapter to which you were referring to in an earlier post. When I tried to order the adapter, it was out of stock at the time. Unfortunately, that particular adapter escapes me at the moment.

    In a pinch, I use a tiny pocket size Canon SD 450 digital camera that takes an SD memory card, which I then swap into my Treo for emailing pics as an attachment. Works well! You might consider getting a pocket digital camera that takes an SD card.

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    Anyone mention this adapter yet?


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