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    Its a Pocketpc with WM5, a 3.8 inch VGA screen, GPS receiver and DVB-T tuner and 20 GB HDD. Its a direct competitor to the UMPC concept, and it certainly has my attention.

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    That's a tiny screen compare to the bezel. Regardless of the OS.
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    True, but maybe its all filled with batteries

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    Check the asus sites for the real deal.
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    Honestly, smartphones are "the next big thing". I simply dont understand why they are wasting time and money on this kind of devices. My advice: invest in Palm. Invest in Treo. Invest in my damn Treo900 with ALP for God sake.....
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    Actually, think about this for a second. UMPC is a computer. We have enough computers already. The Asus wont have broadcast digital TV or GPS. This is a different class of device. In some areas it will have more features than the UMPC. It may even have more space available on the 20GB HDD than the UMPC will have on its 30GB HDD after the OS and Office is installed. In the end it depends what you mean to do with the device.


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