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    OK, a friend sent me this link and I can tell you Im off to T-Mobile today to check it out. I know eventually Im going to have to bite the bullet and move from Palm OS and really all I 'seriously' need is web, bluetooth, email, Office, Acrobat, SMS and IM. Anything else would be a bonus (games etc)

    My main thing would be more real estate...personally Im tired of plannning my whole life on a 2x2 screen.

    What do you guys think? How does it compare to the 600? And anybody know how to transfer contact info from Palm to Windows?
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    Too much swiveling and rotating for me. I don't like a lot of moving parts. Intereting, though.
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    I personally did not like it. I had it for 2 days, then took it back, then bought it again to test over a weekend and 2 days at work and I remembered why I didn't like it and so I took it back. The person at the counter said they've had a lot of them returned. You should take a look at my posting here. I had more than one in the thread below. Keep in mind that the choice is an invidual one and you have to decide for yourself. Also, check out CNet and read their extended 4 page review.

    (m105 => IIIxe => VIIx =>Tungsten T => i705 => Treo 600 => T-MO MDA => HTC Tytn = HTC Tilt & T-MO Dash => HTC TouchPro & HTC S740 => Palm Pre)
    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    Isn't this the HTC Universal, branded as the T-Mobile MDA IV, aka the T-Mobile MDA Pro? I can say for sure this is not the T-Mo MDA just released in the US, that is for sure.

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