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    My daughter's Zire 71 is stuck in mid reboot at the Zire screen. It will start a hard reset, say yes to erase all data, but then it sticks at the Zire screen again! It's also making an electronic "whine" sound.


    Going now to the Palm web site to look at other reset alternatives. . . . .
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    1. Won't respnd to any given input.

    2. No sensible message coming out.

    3. It's whining

    4. Continues to do things which have no apparent outcome.

    ....It's hormones.

    Well I havent done a damn thing to help ya bu I kept you entertained while you wait for a real answer.

    I will offer this tho:
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    You do have two teenage boys!


    I think it's fried. I sent Palm a support email request.

    Number 2 daughter was not using hers -- so we have a spare up and running. This will make the wait for the hand me down 650 all the more interesting. . . .

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    Well, I tried every type of reset available -- nothing worked, it would always return to the Zire screen in mid-reset.. . . . . . . .

    I had been keeping it in the charger, when I was not trying to fix it, so it would not run the battery down.

    Well -- I left it out of the cradle this morning. When I returned to my desk this evening -- the screen was off and it would not power up. My little voice said, "I wonder. . . .?" I popped it into the cradle to recharge it. I waited about a half hour and pushed the on button while it was still charging in the cradle.

    IT REBOOTTED !! (A complete drain of power apparently released the hang up that a hard reset could not.)

    I am now letting it fully charge before playing any further.


    Cheers, Perry.
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    I feel for you Perry. Here's hoping it pulls out ok.

    The digitizer on mine is dying.
    (any suggestions? Just needs to last until I can get a 700p, tired of 2 devices)

    I'm trying to hold out for the 700P, but the 6700 is looking better each day
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    I hope you get it running again, for your poor daughters sake.

    However, my 650 is Still doing fine! Just thought you should know! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Hi MidKnight !!

    So far so good on the re-booted Zire 71 !!
    It is doing just fine. I just thought you should know!

    If you are not heavily invested in Palm applications --- go down to the Sprint store and play with the form factor of the 6700 for awhile and the 650. Run thru some pretend usage situations on both: SMS, E-Mail, making and taking calls, looking up appointments, browsing the Web. See which form factor suits you best. If you like the 650's best -- then you still have to decide between the 700W and 700P.

    I like the 650 form factor and I am heavily invested in PalmOS apps and the 700W's 240x240 screen doesn't make it after the 650's 320x320 for me. So, I am heading for the 700P -- but everybody is different.

    Good Luck with your quest.
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    Cheers on your 71.

    Was at the sprint store today, they had a 650, but no 6700.

    Like the size of the 650, played with it quite a bit. Keyboard is pretty cramped, but I assume you get used to that. (I managed to nearly touch-type on my old 95LX)

    I've played with a 6700 previously and really like the keyboard, but don't know about the slider design. I've read very discouraging things about ActiveSync. Hotsyc has always been reliable

    As to software; I have purchased several apps, so in an ideal world, I'd prefer to stick with Palm OS, just hoping my Z71 holds out until they launch the 700P

    Been following the "Future Treos" thread for several weeks now
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    Then you realize you are chatting with a man housed in a PPR.

    (Pink Padded Room)
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    At least you have some company now, didn't Viking Junior join you after that post from Advanced tech
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