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    Getting a co-worker a new phone, but he CAN NOT figure out the Treo phones.

    What I am looking for is a phone for email mainly and good reception. Pretty simple stuff! I just dont have time to be his Treo tech line everyday.

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like a crackbery candidate.....after all, as was said in another thread, congress uses 'em.....hmmmm all those home and port security memos going via wireless ?????
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    Yep Blackberry. Without getting into a Treo and wanting Email use, thats a BB. Some phones give you email now which is nice but if you want to respond its a pain to type a message. The new 7000 series BB's are really nice. I think the VZW one myself the 7130e cause of the EVDO and that it can be used as a modem. Good Stuff!

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