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    My friend needs an entry level Palm and I know a lot of 3com diehards read this messageboard too. Besides springboard modules(not very entry level), out of the box which handheld is more bang for the buck?
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    Personally, I think that the m100 was a real faux pas on Palm's part: it's ugly, has a tiny screen, and doesn't include flash rom (which I consider to be Palm's only advantage over Handspring devices. Go with the Visor.
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    Get the basic Visor. You can easily add an 8meg flash module, and have a PDA that's better (more memory) than a visor deluxe.

    My wife has a basic, while I have a Platinum Visor. There is a speed advantage to the Platinum, but very few apps where you notice it. There are no applications I have on my platinum that do not also work on my wife's basic.

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    I've said this before, but it's worth repeating.

    Don't ever buy a 2MB unit unless all you want to do is:

    - write short memos
    - track addresses and phone numbers
    - keep track of your schedule
    - keep a to-do list.

    If your friend gets hooked, s/he'll regret not having 8MB.
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    Backup module pushes the Visor Solo to the top.
    If you are on the road and something happens , i.e., the batteries go or some software/hardware component tanks the unit; you are out of luck until you can Hotsync.
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    My major problem with the M100 is the smaller screen. Because of this I would have to go with the Visor Solo. Another thing to consider is what kind of OS you're friend is going to be using. If they're using a Mac then beware of the M100. Just to get the normal sync on the M100 cost 50 extra to get the Serial -> USB adapter . My cousin had this exact problem when he first got his M100.

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    I'd have to agree with PDAEnvy. 2mb isn't sufficient once you get 'hooked'.

    Also remember that the 8mb expansion module isn't the same as just getting an 8mb visor/palm, either. You can not sync with the 8mb module, severely limiting the types of apps you can add to your 2mb visor.

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    I own an m100, but i say go with a visor, the only reason i got a m100 is because i live in australia and it was a real hassle to get a Visor over here. handspring are losing lot's of market share. Don't get me wrong the m100, in fact just about all palm OS devices are great but the visor just beats the m100 and most other pda's hands down in every aspect
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    My older son just bought a M100 with his holiday money, and I would have to agree with everyone that he should have saved his pennies and picked up a Visor Basic. The screen is tiny, and the lack of expandability is a big concern. However, the IR always works (unlike 2 of my 3 units) and it is loads easier to get "cool" accessories for Palm units than Visor.

    The main reason he bought this unit was to take advantage of a good buy from Staples. All in all, the unit cost $117.00 including overnight shipping. Search the threads for the staple cheat, and if they offer the visor take advantage of it. It was a $40.00 rebate on any electronics over $150.00, and any order over $150 automatically gets overnight shipping.

    If it's no longer listed - check They are a site that specializes in finding online deals. No, I'm not involved with them, other than having used them from time to time for rebate codes.


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